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Friday, 26 March 2021

Hollywood & the Universe

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NASA-Foto: Landung der Apollo 17- Mannschaft im Ozean
Detailabbildung: NASA-Foto: Landung der Apollo 17- Mannschaft im Ozean
NASA-Foto: Landung der Apollo 17- Mannschaft im Ozean

NASA-Foto: Landung der Apollo 17- Mannschaft im Ozean

20 x 25 cm.
Gedruckt auf KODAK Papier.
Zertifiziert von der NASA und aufgenommen 1972.

Catalogue price€ 1.000 - 1.500 Catalogue price € 1.000 - 1.500  $ 1,200 - 1,800
£ 900 - 1,350
元 7,710 - 11,565
₽ 90,290 - 135,435


Apollo 17 war die letzte Mission mit Mondlandung im Apollo-Programm der NASA. Die Landung der Fallschirme erfolgte am 19. Dezember 1972.

NASA. (12606823) (13)

NASA photo of the landing of the Apollo 17 crew in the ocean

20 x 25 cm.
Printed on KODAK photo paper.
Certified by NASA, photographed in 1972.

Apollo 17 was the last mission with moon landing of NASA's Apollo program. The landing of the parachutes took place on 19 December 1972.



Apollo 17 (December 7–19, 1972) was the final Moon landing mission of NASA‘s Apollo program, and remains the most recent time humans have travelled beyond low Earth orbit. Its crew consisted of Commander Eugene Cernan, Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt, and Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and it carried a biological experiment containing five mice. Apollo 17 spacecraft carrying Astronauts Cernan, Evans and Schmitt safely impacts in the Pacific Ocean. NASA‘s sixth and final manned lunar landing mission in the Apollo program concluded with splashdown at 2:25 p.m. EST December 19, 648 kilometers (350 nautical miles) southeast of American Samoa.



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