Things to know about our auctions


  • Abb. Illustration
  • B. width
  • besch. damaged
  • beschn. shortened
  • best. dented
  • bez. designated
  • Bd. volume
  • Bl. sheet
  • bzw. and / or
  • ct carat (precious stones)
  • D. diameter
  • dat. dated
  • erg. supplemented
  • GG yellow gold
  • H. height
  • Jhdt. century
  • K carat (precious metal)
  • L. length
  • Lwd. canvas
  • monogr. monogrammed
  • Nr. number
  • rep. repaired
  • rest. restored
  • rest.bed. in need of restoration
  • rücks. reverse
  • sign. signed
  • T. depth
  • vgl. compare
  • WG white gold
  • zug. attributed

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times a year are auctions held?

Hampel Fine Art Auctions GmbH & Co KG holds 28 auctions four times a year (March, June, September, December). The preliminary viewing for each auction begins about a week before the auction itself. You will find the dates for the preliminary viewings and auctions here.

Do I need an admission ticket or similar for the preliminary viewing and the auction itself?

No, both the preliminary viewing and the auction are public and accessible to everyone. You only require prior registration if you wish to bid at an auction. You will find forms here for absentee or by telephone bidding; in order to bid in person, please register on our premises before the auction or during the preliminary viewing.

Where and how can I get hold of the auction catalogues?

The catalogues are published about 14 days before each auction. You may purchase them on our premises or order them by telephone, fax or Internet. You can either purchase individual catalogues or take out a subscription.

How can I bid at an auction?

You can bid in person in the hall, by telephone, by email or in writing. Register here on the premises in order to bid in person, or send us a written application no later than 24 hours before the auction for bids made in writing or by telephone. You are welcome to make the application by fax if you wish.
If you are a new customer, we ask you to submit your identification or send us a copy, and you are also requested to provide us with bank details or your credit card number.

How can I pay for my auction purchase?

You can pay for your purchase in cash, by EC card or by bank transfer. Goods are not handed over until payment has been received.

Can I take away my auction purchase with me right away?

Yes, if you have paid in cash and your purchase consists of small items. Large items of furniture cannot be collected from our storage rooms until Monday after the auction.

How much time do I have after the auction to pay for and collect the goods?

The goods must be paid for and collected within 14 days after the auction. Goods that are not collected will be put in storage at the buyer’s expense, either on our premises or with a shipping company.

I would like to have my auction purchase sent or brought to me: what is the usual procedure here?

As a general rule, our company does not organize transport. We will be happy to help organize the shipping of small items suitable for postal shipping (shipping costs on request). The shipping of purchased item is only done upon reception of written instructions from the buyer. For further information, please see our Transport and collection form. We will be glad to supply a list with the contact details of recommended shipping companies on request. The auction house shall assume liability only for orderly delivery to the forwarding agent, carrier or any other persons designated. Of course, you are also welcome to come to our premises in person and collect the items you have purchased by auction.

Are items sold subsequent to an auction?

The results list is published a few days after the auction on the internet or it can be ordered from us. This indicates which items have not been sold. In the week after the auction, subsequent bids can be submitted to us in writing.

What does it mean when the auctioneer says “u.V.” during an auction?

”u.V.” means “under reserve”. This means that the successful bid is below the minimum limit set by the seller, so the sale is then subject to approval by the seller. The approval of the seller is required before the item is released.

I have items at home I would like to have auctioned. What is the usual procedure here?

We recommend you send us photos in advance by e-mail or by post, or come to our premises in person during our business hours. In each case, our experts will assess the items on a non-binding basis and will tell you whether and under what conditions the items can be accepted for auction by us. You will find further information here.

If I have submitted items for auction, when are the proceeds paid out to me?

Approximately six to eight weeks after the auction, insofar as the items have been paid for by the buyer. The payment is made as agreed by you in the delivery contract, either in cash, by bank transfer or by check. You will find further information here.

What is my legal status during auction?

Legal relations in our auctions are regulated by our Conditions of Auction, which you will find here. We provide an overview for you as part of the Buying at Hampel Fine Auctions.


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