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Selling at HAMPEL Fine Art Auctions:


We are happy to receive your items at any time for one of our auctions, which are held four times a year (spring, summer, autumn and winter). You will find information on the specific dates and themes of the auctions in our auction preview.


The first step putting your art object up for auction is a valuation that is carried out on our premises or in your home, and which is conducted free of charge. We consider it worthwhile to carry out a preliminary valuation from printed or digital photos. The photographs often help us decide whether your items are suitable for our art auctions. In the case of a valuation on the premises, a catalogue price will be recommended if you should not have any price proposal of your own. In consultation with you, we will also agree on a minimum sale price (reserve price or limit) below which the item may not be sold. Valuation via photo does not, of course, allow for an exact assessment as defects, restorations or age-related conditions cannot be identified due to the size of the image. If the item is suitable for auction we will provide you with a preliminary recommended price on the basis of this initial valuation. However, if defects of any kind are revealed on delivery, we reserve the right to subsequently adjust the estimated price.

Auction contract

Once the decision has been taken to auction your art object on our premises, you and Hampel FineArt Auctions will sign a contract. The contract includes a number of important agreements between you and Hampel Fine Art Auctions, such as setting the lowest possible valuation and the limit under which your property may not be sold by us, as well as the sales commission deducted by Hampel Fine Art Auctions GmbH & Co KG in the event of a sale and your assurance that you are the owner of the item.

Resale Right (Droit de Suite)

Copyright laws require Hampel Fins Art Auctions to charge a so-called right of resale fee on works of art created after the year 1900. The buyer and seller each pay half of this fee and it is shown as a separate item on the final statement.

Presentation on our premises

All items delivered by our sellers are presented to interested buyers six days prior to auction in an exhibition on four floors, covering a total surface area of 1,300 square meters. Our staff is available to advise potential customers throughout this period. During this time, your item is insured at the minimum price.


Your items are sold by auction to the highest bidder and they remain in our safekeeping until the full sale price has been paid by the buyer.

Payment of proceeds

Generally, you will receive a statement from Hampel Fine Art Auctions GmbH & Co KG approximately six to eight weeks after the auction – although not until Hampel Fine Art Auctions GmbH & Co KG have received payment from the buyer. The statement states the price at which the item was sold and the deduction of the sales commission, the ancillary costs agreed upon in the auction contract and the right of resale fee. Payment of the final amount shown on the statement can be made to you in cash, by check or by bank transfer.