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Friday, 26 March 2021

Hollywood & the Universe

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NASA-Foto der Erdkrümmung
Detailabbildung: NASA-Foto der Erdkrümmung
NASA-Foto der Erdkrümmung

NASA-Foto der Erdkrümmung

20 x 25 cm.
Gedruckt auf KODAK Papier.
Zertifiziert und aufgenommen durch die NASA 1990.

Catalogue price€ 600 - 900 Catalogue price € 600 - 900  $ 720 - 1,080
£ 540 - 810
元 4,626 - 6,939
₽ 54,174 - 81,261


Das Foto wurde nach der Mission STS-32 von den Astronauten während einer Pressekonferenz am 30. Juni 1990 benutzt.

NASA. (1260685) (13)

NASA photo of the earth's curvature

20 x 25 cm.

Printed on KODAK photo paper.
Certified and photographed by NASA 1990.

The picture was used after Mission STS-32 by astronauts during a press conference on 30 June 1990.


Onboard view of the Moon settling over earth’s limb. The Moon image is distorted due to refraction through Earth’s atmosphere. This picture was used by the astronauts od STS-32 during their postflight press conference on January 30th 1990. STS-32 was the 33rd mission of NASA‘s Space Shuttle program, and the ninth launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. Launched on 9 January 1990, it marked the first use of Launch Pad A at Kennedy Space Center‘s Complex 39 since 1986; it also marked the first use of Mobile Launcher Platform-3 (MLP-3) in the Space Shuttle program. STS-32 was, at the time, the longest shuttle mission yet conducted, with a duration of nearly 11 days. Before STS-32, the only mission of the same duration had been STS-9 in 1983. On 20 January 1990, STS-32 executed the third night landing of the shuttle program. STS-32 was also the first shuttle launch of the 1990s.



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