Thursday, 28 September 2017

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Kreuzer-Block Bayern

Lot 605 / Kreuzer-Block Bayern

Detailabbildung: Kreuzer-Block Bayern

Kreuzer-Block Bayern

1 Kreuzer-Block bestehend aus 35 Doppeldrucken mit einem Kehrdruck. Einzigartiges Museumsstück aus der Sammlug Pierre Mahé.

Catalogue price € 240.000 - 280.000

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Attest: Calves.
Kat.: 1 c.

Wir danken Martin Eichele, Briefmarkenprüfer (SBPV), CH-4144 Arlesheim. (1120625) (10)
Die Briefmarken sind nach rechtzeitiger Terminvereinbarung zu besichtigen.

Block of Kreuzer Bavaria
One block of Kreuzer stamps comprising 35 double prints with one tête-bêche. Unique piece of museum quality from the Pierre Mahé collection.

Certificate: Calves.
Cat.: 1 c. Formerly Pierre Mahé.

We would like to thank Martin Eichele, stamp expert (SBPV), CH-4144 Arlesheim.
The stamps can be inspected after appointment in due time.

Bloc de Kreuzer Bavière
1 Kreuzer bloc de 35. Impression double et contenant le tête-bêche. Unique.

Certificat: Calves.
Cat.: 1 c. Ex-Pierre Mahé.

Nous souhaitons remercier Martin Eichele, expert en philatélie (SBPV), CH-4144 Arlesheim.

This object has been individually compared to the information in the Art Loss Register data bank and is not registered there as stolen or missing.